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Little Richard – thank you!

So sad to hear of the death of Little Richard.

It’s easy to forget just how much we owe to Little Richard. This man truly was a pioneer, both in his music and the spirit he brought to rock. In an age when restraint and austerity were celebrated, he was wildly flamboyant, and a force of nature. In terms of influence, it’s hard to think of anybody who had such an obvious impact on paving the way for everything that followed on from the birth of rock and roll. Taking bibles to drug, booze and sex parties – that’s wild. Just about the only thing he didn’t do was land a Rolls Royce in a swimming pool and throw a TV from a hotel window. For everything else, Little Richard was the first!

Keith Murphy expressed it perfectly….

“The King of Rock and Roll leaves behind his children:

Berry Gordy

The Beatles



Aretha Franklin




Sly Stone

George Clinton




Janelle Monae

…and COUNTLESS others.”

RIP to the self-professed “King and Queen of Rock & Roll”

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