About Guy

Guy Nottingham is a singer-songwriter, based in Yorkshire, England. As well as writing and singing, he plays guitars, piano and keyboards, and the occasional blues harp. He loves to constantly create music, and loves playing live – particularly with his band, Guy Nottingham Soundscapes.

His style nevertheless belies decades of influences: deeply rooted in blues and rock, but with hints of funk, soul, world music, country and folk.

A message from Guy to you:


Thank you for visiting my site.

Music is what I do, and who I am. It’s an enormous privilege to be able to make music – and a massive thrill when people listen and appreciate it. As you’ve got this far, I guess I need to say a big “thank you for listening”. It really does make it all worthwhile.

Primarily, I think of myself as a songwriter. The joy of conceiving an idea, crafting it, gelling the rhythms and the music, honing the words to the point where the song says what I want it to say, then putting it all down on record. 

Beyond that, there’s no greater fun that playing live, sharing the stage with some great musicians, feeding – and feeding off – the buzz of the audience.

Whether we meet online, through the records, or at a gig, thanks for making it all worthwhile. Stay cool, and keep rocking!”


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